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Weight loss and water


guy-drinking-waterSome people are not so sure about importance of water in a process of weight loss. We all know that human body consist of water. Finally water is important part of our existence.

Smaller part of bones and body fat accounts for over 20% of water, 75% of our muscles is water and over 80% of our blood is water.




girl-drinking-waterWater takes very important place in our lives but our weight won’t come of if we only drink water. In order to do that we must eat right and drink right.


There are "bad" fats that are main reasons for overweight and "good" fats that offer essential fatty acids – sardines, herrings, mackerel, salmon… They are involved in regulation of blood pressure, lowering risk of heart failure and suppress blood clotting.


Proteins are very good in "killing" hunger also they are significant in building muscles. You can find "good proteins" in all low fat milk products: yogurt, cottage cheese, skimmed milk and fish.


Carbohydrates – vegetables, beans fruits and grainy food are best nature’s hunger suppressants. They also contain very low level of calories and fats.


Fiber foodsare more, very successful natural hunger suppressants. They do not contribute much of calories and they are filling too. Fiber doesn't get digested but it attaches to fats and takes it out of the system. Excellent fiber foods are: nuts, bran, beans, broccoli, figs and apples.


Water carries two important meanings in weight loss. It comes as reinforcement to a metabolism so kidneys are free to flush waste out. When body dehydrates, water emerges so if body gets water in adequate amounts, hunger is suppressed.


yesGreat tip!!!


You can burn over 60 calories a day if you only drink ice water. Body itself has to burn over 420 calories a week just to maintain body temperature.

So water IS very important in your diet process and generally best natural appetite suppressant.




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