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Cortislim Review


cortislimThis is very popular weight loss product to help consumers to lose their weight fast. Cortislim is a supplement that struggles against levels of Cortisol within a body therefore reducing stored fat and excess weight.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is thehormone known as the "stress hormone" that impacts the bodies "fight or flight" response to events. This hormone is more than needed for our body to function normally. When we are under psychological or physical pressure Cortisol is released at larger amounts securing the body with more energy. But if we suffer chronic stress, then levels of Cortisol remain high which can jeopardise our health in many ways including increased stored fat and weight gain.

How does Cortislim work?

Composition of Cortislim works to control Cortisol release. Cortislim claims that if you combine it with a healthy diet it will reduce your weight successfully. Purpose of primary ingredient is to calm body reaction to different kinds of stress which include:

  • Vanadium and chromium

  • An herbal mixture of betasitosterol, theanine, magnolia bark extract, bitter orange peel extract and green tea extract

  • Calcium and Vitamin C.

Cortislim influences to lower Cortisol levels therefore to burn fat. It is believed that betasitosterol reduce cholesterol levels and green tea extract is proven to balance sugar levels in blood, increase metabolism and it is great antioxidant.

Cortislim problems

Although Cortislim is regulating levels of Cortisol there are no proven studies that Cortislim is successful as weight loss supplement. Also there are law suits from unsatisfied customers because of false and misleading claims made by Cortislim.

Side effects of Cortislim

Considering that Cortislim has got no clinical trials, side effects are based on information from stimulants in many clinical studies. Based on this information Cortislim may or may not induce:

  • Increased urination

  • Jitteriness, shakiness and/or tremors

  • Increased heart rate and nervousness

  • Restlessness

  • Sleeplessness or/and insomnia

But Cortislim offers another supplement called Cortislim Control with no stimulants. The active compound in Cortislim Control is a natural vegetable fiber glucomannan with following results:

  • Diarrhoea

  • Bloating

  • Nausea

  • Stomach/abdominal cramping

Does Cortislim work?

There are a lot of contradictions over the effectiveness and benefits of Cortislim. Some users say that they have experienced stress and weight reduction, while others report that they felt no benefits at all.


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